Podokólne 1, 34-532 Jurgów, Polska

Ski and snowboard training (children and adults)

Individual training

Individual training is the most effective way to learn skiing, both for children and adults. The instructor devotes 100% of his time to the student. This is the best and fastest way to start skiing and improve your skiing technique.


We guarantee

  • ​​quick effects,
  • instructor only at your disposal,
  • choosing any training date,
  • high quality of training,
  • better concentration on exercises,
  • modern training methods,
  • entrances to 2 chairlifts, drag lifts, belt lift out of turn,

Group training

  • A fast and effective way to learn. As they say, "it's better in a group".
  • Group training is a perfect solution for organized groups, winter camps and white schools.


Additional information

Prices include:

  • training with an instructor,
  • cost of ski lift ride for the instructor, out of turn,


  • payment for classes at least 20 minutes before the start
  • Being late for classes does not result in the extension of classes with the instructor
  • note - we provide exclusive training at the Jurgów Ski center!
  • we are the station's only accredited school.

We provide our lessons also in English and Slovak

We encourage you to use the JiJ rental service where we offer you a 10% discount.

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